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Compatible With Windows 7, 8 And 10

By purchasing, you get access to all the latest updates when they become available. No upgrade charges.

DTS Pro Includes

  • Digital Treatment Planning
  • Digital calibration, measurement and esthetic geometry tools
  • Lab communication module
  • Instant Smile simulations with smile templates
  • No Limit on number of cases
  • Efficient and intuitive user interface
  • Access to online tutorials
  • Online DTS training and support
  • Free upgrades and fixes

Simulations that can be carried out using DTS PRO

  • Laminates/Veneers
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Digital Smile Designs
  • Different types of braces
  • Orthodontic Tooth Movement
  • Bonding
  • Gingivectomy and CLP
  • Replacement of missing tooth/teeth
  • Extraoral changes after Orthodontics/Orthognathic surgeries


Discount offer's only applies to first-year purchases. This discount offer does not apply to renewal purchases.

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